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Monitor & Game issues, Resolution different on new PC

by Missv237 - 2/22/13 1:10 PM

I want to play my old game "The Sims" on my new computer..WIN7 HP pavilion hpe corei7...Finally got it to load in correct colors and modes...However the monitors Screen size is way too big and options for changing it arnt there now. Plus the mouse wont work to move or scroll off the sides.

Its the same monitor I already played The Sims on but with the old computer. Its still hooked up while I transfer stuff.

Is this issue my video card or an HD thing or graphic card..not sure what. AMD radeon hd 7570?

The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster p2770.
I didnt like the widescreen option when I got it so i figured a way to keep it square though I had black edges on the sides.It was huge enough but my hubby said I would have to deal with I didnt. But now the new one has hardly any options. Widescreen through the new comp looks awesome but way too big for the game to play properly.

Any ideas on how to "upgrade to more options or downgrade to a simpler version of something" so it works?