Windows 7 PROBLEM with USB 3.0 PART 5 - Rollin' News

by zirc99 - 6/4/12 10:15 PM

Windows 7 PROBLEM with USB 3.0 PART 5 - Rollin' News Rev. 1.0

Well, we've got somewhere, a LESS Laborious Routine for fellow 'Glitch' sufferers:
Applies to: WIN 7, WIN 8, (Vista, not tested)

Download from - SuperSpeed USB Tools choose 32 or 64 bit
Google: usb30cv download x32 or x64

INSTALL (don't worry about Readme file, until you want to set it up for test suite)
Does not provide Desktop Shortcut so, navigate to Program Files - USB-IF Test Suite
then USB30CV Folder - USB 3.0 CV (shortcut) - send to Desktop


Use Device Manager and check no Yellow triangle against USB 3.0 Host Controller
and that USB 3.0 Root Hub is there

IF NOT: Uninstall USB 3.0 Host Controller - Action - Scan for hardware changes
that may fix things if WIN 7 / 8 has mangled Install on BOOT

UNPLUG any Devices from USB 3.0 Port(s)

Double Click on USB 3.0 CV Shortcut
UAC comes up -never mind - click Yes
Command Verifier window comes up - let it finish (Don't click ok)
USB 3.0 Command Verifier suite (program):
Leave on 'Chapter 9 Tests (USB 2.0 devices) - we want test to fail - quicker
(Information - test is for USB 2.0 Devices in USB 3.0 Port)
Run (bottom left) - 'Test Suite Failed' - Ok - Exit (bottom right)
Command Verifier window comes up - let it finish (Don't click ok)

Click on 'Installing Device Driver Software' - you can see what's going on, also
can avoid Windows update: 'skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update'

PLUG IN USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 FlashDrive in USB 3.0 Port - Contact? - then you're away!
[Leave plugging Ext. HDD until Flashdrive responds with LED, sound, (autoplay) and Disk Drive in Device Manager, Devices with Removable Storage in Computer]
That's it; if no go, REPEAT (Does not solve Problem if Install of USB 3.0 Host Controller
and USB 3.0 Root Hub aren't SUCCESSFUL

Suck it and See...

I'm amazed, hope that some of you are amazed too

'Yaboo Sucks to them pesky CHIPSET eatin' Texans, who banned me from their club
(Return: Never) for daring to propose that there was a software solution for a software Problem (It's all software compensating for hardware, in the end) All these hombres could 'advise', again and again and without reading the Post, was load CHIPSET drivers (for an 'obsolete' machine), Many couloured badges, 000's of posts, seem to me, to lead to a closed mind... Yo!!!

Where to now? Shurely(sic), the Yellow Brick road to Castle Greyskull (Microsoft)
"the battle is won, it's PR from hereon in"
Let me know etc.

PS. WIN 8 Consumer Preview is happy too, happier, in fact, as xHC Host Controller
xHC Root Hub always come up...

This PART dedicated to HIVIzMan TeamROC Moderator, for encouragement

And especially: (A lucky find, for me)

MAY 31, 2012

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WIN_7_Desktop_ 2_attempts_17586_Playing_Up
(have to wait for ver. 6.1.7601.17577 to turn up)

WIN_7_Desktop_USB_3_0_ Autoplay_in_Action
(with USB 3.0 Flashdrive & Ext, HDD)

(right Utility for the right time, brilliant)