Resolved question

GFxUI has stopped working

by oneclick - 11/16/11 11:32 PM

I have a Dell Studio Laptop 1555 , Windows Vista Home Prem., 64 bit . I had an issue with the DVD not showing up in My Computer, and Device manager displayed an the error state as "unable to load driver". After searching numerous forums and seeing everything from Dot Net uninstall issues to Reload Windows... I found a forum that suggested a regedit fix.

Simple: Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters keys in....


And it worked!! I was thinking the slot loader was dead and a registry tweak fixed it! I could read CD's and DVD's again...

however it caused another problem, on reboot the DVD (TSST TS-633A) was there, but I received a "GFxUI has stopped" error. I did a system restore and restored both keys, (i know...i should have just exported the keys), then I deleted the lowerfilter, rebooted...still no DVD, so I put the lower filter key back in and deleted the Upperfilter key and on reboot my DVD was found again! Just like that

The only problem is now....I have two of them (2 DVD's) in My Computer and both work (wth?) . Something to do with the upper filter key? Can anybody direct me as to what those keys do? Upper and lower and why did it affect a graphics issue. And Is there a value I can enter to get rid of only one of the DVD's that show up? Thanx
I can live with 2 DVD Icons in My Computer but it sure would be nice to know why