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Is Cinema mode good enough on a TV?

by X9q2 - 8/26/13 1:58 PM

On an HDTV... is Cinema mode good enough?

I used to calibrate a TV by using a THX option on DVD's that showed test screens for contrast, brightness, sharpness, color, tint, etc.

Now I've been using Disney's World of Wonder Blu-Ray.

But sometimes... I'm not sure if the picture I adjust using these discs ends up perfect. For example... last night... I thought the brightness might be a bit dark... so I tried to adjust the brightness using the Disney Blu-Ray... and after I raised the brightness some... I actually noticed it affected the contrast test screen... forcing me to lower the contrast.

So now I'm confused. I thought my picture was pretty much perfect... but apparently I was wrong... apparently I'm not even sure when the brightness is set-up exactly right (nor the contrast for that matter).

Is Cinema mode good enough?