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What would be the best picture settings for 22" LG LED LN451

by Sigimi - 8/14/13 4:41 PM

Or just the best settings you could find on it. But it's actually 21.5" diagonal.
Anyways I'm having minor problems with the TV, possibly the quality, but when I'm comparing my HD TV to others, their quality is much better, true HD you could say though mine supports up to 1080p and has 60 GHz.
When I'm looking close as the quality seems kinda sharp and from a distance I notice it a bit but barely, but it still irritates me.
Anybody got good settings? =D
Note: This is for gaming and once again I have compared, others have greatly better settings.
Major notice; I think this might be the problem, when I go to TV settings I cannot find a setting to choose 720p or 1080p. Or is it just 1080p on it's own?