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Samsung 7100 series tv - how to disable "syncplus????"

by micHawk - 3/27/13 4:32 PM

Hello everyone. I'm searching everywhere trying to fix the picture issues with my new tv and I see there's this common issue with a "syncplus" app that I have to disable. Everyone on the internet says "disable syncplus, also disable it in the terms and conditions. samsung will fix it soon."

ok..... HOW!??!?!?!

Where is "syncplus" in the menu?

Where is the option to turn it off in the "terms and conditions?" There's no options within that to turn anything off. it's all just info....

So is this all outdated news or something? How do I even know what firmware my tv is on? It shouldn't be so mysterious. Where are all these options/apps and how do I turn them off? or has this already been fixed with firmware and my new tv is just a lemon? how do I know what firmware I have? How am I supposed to know anything about how to do any of this!?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.