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Settings & query re: Sharp LC-70LE740E

by species8514 - 1/20/13 10:31 AM

Hi, I have a Sharp LC-70LE740E and have a couple of questions;

Firstly and I guess most importantly, has anyone had any crosstalk problems with this TV, and if so did they fix them?

I have been watching Despicable Me, and whilst the picture quality is awesome & the 3d works about 70% of the time, there is some really bad ghosting - for example the scene near the end where the newscaster tells how the moon was returned, the moon on the tv screen behind him is terrible.

Yesterday watching the Avengers - all the subtitle text when agent Romanov is tied up at beginning was virtually unwatchable - something I had not seen with my old Samsung.

I was hoping that maybe some change of settings might help? I also considered whether getting a more modern Blu-ray player might help?

I also wondered if different glasses might help, but there seem to be very very few alternatives for this tv.

Any help would be very gratefully received.