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67" Samsung - HDMI out from laptop screen clip

by abeisert - 12/28/12 6:30 AM

Hello all,

I'm at a loss. I've purchased a new laptop (native resolution on the screen being 1920x1080). I really was looking forward to connecting it via HDMI out to my 67" TV (Model: HL67A750A1FXZA - firmware version 1006.1). However when I tried doing so, about half an inch is cut all around the screen. I've also tried connecting my desktop to the TV and same issue. However after snooping around other forums I saw a lot of people fixed the problem by turning the picture mode to "Just Scan". I tried doing so changing from 16:9 to Just Scan and it's still clipping off about an half inch of the desktop.

I then took my laptop to the living room where I have a 54" Samsung TV. Plugging in to the TV initially had the screen cut at 16:9. I then changed it to "Just Scan" on that TV and the entire desktop fits perfectly.

Now my question.. why is it when I change the option on my 54" TV I have no issues and the desktop fits perfectly but on my 67" TV when I choose the "Just Scan" option it still is cutting the desktop as if I were on 16:9.

Please let me know if any other further information can be provided.