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Toshiba 24L4200U Settings Please

by Lazurea - 8/12/12 7:50 AM

I recently got a 24" Toshiba 24L4200U for my bedroom, and I can't seem to find an existing thread for its settings in this forum. So, if anyone's had this TV calibrated best for a room that's usually only dimly lit (by daylight coming through blinds and/or computer monitors only), please let me know.

No matter what I do, I either have programming or TV commercials faces sometimes looking overly orange/red or overly bleedy, but if I lower the color too much it ends up looking too dull. I also use the TV as a laptop's HDMI computer monitor.

When I tried to use the Terminator 2's THX optimizer to calibrate, my Blu-Ray player locked out the ability to use the arrow buttons, so I couldn't select video tests! sad So help would be nice!