Intro to the picture settings forum

by katzmaier CNET staff - 8/10/10 5:21 AM

At CNET, I calibrate every HDTV I review. I have sophisticated equipment and years of experience in adjusting displays to look their best. In this forum, I'll post the picture settings I used in my calibration for the review, so you can try them yourself. Why not, they're free!

To find settings for your TV, use the search box at the top of the page to search for your TV's model number and, on the results page, click "HDTV picture settings" in the left-hand column to filter the results.

Even if you don't find your exact model, settings for a similar model from the same manufacturer may be worth trying. Where appropriate, I've listed "related products" that are generally different screen sizes in the same product series. If you have one of the related products, try the settings anyway--they might not be ideal, but they will provide a good baseline.

CNET readers should also feel free to post their own picture settings here. If you have settings you like and want to share them, go ahead and create a new post. If you own a TV I've already shared settings for, go ahead and add to the thread I created.

Note that this isn't a typical free-for-all forum. There are plenty of those available at CNET and elsewhere. This forum is about picture settings only, not buying advice, new product information or review requests. I'm not going to monitor every discussion, and my main purpose in creating this forum is to have a place for readers to research picture settings, both mine and those of the community. Please be courteous and respect that purpose.

-- David

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