Resolved question

Windows Live Mail won't open at all. Error code: 80040154.

by JengaBlack - 3/9/13 4:53 PM


Our small business uses WLM, and we recently tried downloading dropbox to aid with access from office to on build site - this is the only change on the computer that we have made, but we have now lost access to WLM completely. This is a huge issue, as all the business emails are on it. I don't want to try and uninstall and reinstall until I have to, I don't want to risk losing all our files. I get an error message: WLM can not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure your disk is not full or that you are out of memory (0x80040154. 126).

We are not out of memory and it is not too full. When I try and access our account through webmail, I can see mail, but am unable to send, or save as draft. Please help, I used to be fairly cluey when it comes to computers but I'm too old now, so I'm too scared to try anything!! We are running: Windows 7 Professional, 32bit, model no. Windows 7 - and I'm not sure what else you need? Thank you.