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Cannot acesss either Windows LIVE accounts, says they don't

by Nukem7181 - 11/18/12 12:55 PM

Am trying to register Arkham City for the first time since purchasing it on steam, yet when im asked to sign in my "Games for Windows LIVE" account, even after a password reset i can't log in for the obvious "Either user name or passwords do not match"

I can't seem to find any information to try and help my situation, as even on the main site my LIVE email addresses, mind you that i can send password resets to them, it says that the email accounts i try to sign in with don't even exist on their records? Has anyone else had any problems like this, if so did they ever get resolved or any kind of account support email address at microsoft to email them directly??
Very frustrated and just about done with "games for LIVE" for good, after having to start a 2nd account the last time with Arkham Asylum just to get THAT to work