Deleting contacts

by Ekhangel - 9/26/12 10:12 AM

First of all - sorry for the awkward topic name, but I wanted to emphasize that I want to remove contacts from that specific location.

For undisclosed reasons I have 1400 contacts in my Windows Live contact register that I DO NOT want to have. I, however, DO want to use the account, so deleting the account is NOT an option.

I normally wouldn't give a sh** as I use Opera mail client for e-mail, but I just got myself a Lumia with WP on board and Live contacts suddenly became important for me.

The point is that there is NO "select all" button in the indicated in the topic panel! How RETARDED a Microsoft Tech Team's gotta be not to put a SELECT ALL button! OMFD LGJDLJG

I'd even suffice on checking all 1400 contacts (which would probably take about half an hour or constant clicking...) but the mechanism is so retarded that I just can't. It sometimes doesn't remove contacts at all, sometimes does, sometimes partially... Ehh, hopeless stuff.

Please, help me on this issue. Maybe I am blind and there IS a "select all" button somewhere?