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Incoming & outgoing problems with photos/pictures

by nottaclue99 - 9/19/12 10:27 PM

I had to get a new computer which came with Windows 7 & WLM. I was willing to give WLM a chance, but it is making me nuts.I've read most of Microsoft's tutorials about slide shows/pictures, but none of them addresses the issue I'm having. Not having any luck with computer geeks, either. WLM seems beneath them!
Here's what's happening: I get an email with photos in it. It arrives with "view slide show" as my only choice when what I have received is not a slide show. I can see part of the first picture, but I cannot scroll down or advance the picture. Then if I want to forward pictures, I get the "One or more of the pictures blah blah blah will not be sent. Do you want to send?" Well, no. The point of the email is to forward the pictures. So, I decided to forward them as an attachment. People are reporting back to me that they cannot open the attachment.
I know this seems trivial, but it is a real annoyance which I cannot figure a way around. DDoes anyone have any advice? Thank you.