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Attempting to recover my xbox account/hotmail address

by Criddfudd - 9/10/12 8:22 AM

I have recently got an xbox and after not really playing much for a few years i am trying to recover my account which i made at a friends house some years ago, i have acheivements and such which i would quite like back now that i am playing again so tried to download my account. No success. My email was (password can be supplied to someone important if necessary) but it has since stopped working for some reason and i cannot recover it through the various forms and help chat lines etc. that are supplied on the live website. (Also I have previously recovered to different peoples xbox's with no problems.)The xbox account tag was "Sobek15" . Games played included various Halo,s, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, and some other more minor ones, it is really important to me that i get this account back as i would not like to do all the progress that i had again, and because i have friends on the account too, is there any way of recovering the account or maybe getting the information transferred to a new account? Please reply with any additional information that i can proivide to make this inquiry more likely to bring success and any help at all as i have been at this for quite a while and am getting quite desperate.