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Live Mail 2011 - next msg in threads

by azkiwi - 9/2/12 10:44 AM

Actually have 2 questions. Background: user of xp and outlook express on several systems, and also windows mail on vista. New system, it has (it seems) live mail 2011.
Q1 - Is it possible to personalize the tool/icon bar? Lot of that I don't use, would like to add things I do use, and move them around a bit

Q2 - In OE / Vista mail ... I was able to add /use a button (next Unread) that would take me to the next msg in an email thread. The only next icon I can find, takes me to the next message in inbox (or next folder) but not to the next msg in a thread. I found a sort of work around, by expanding EACH threaded email. Is there a fix/way around, or am I stuck with what MS thinks is best for me?

It's quite frustrating really, I know what I'd like to do, i just cannot find ways to do it. re there previous threads, or FAQ's out there? (MS was a bit simplistic, or dealt with hotmail - which I don't use)