Windows Live Mail - freezes on new mail

by hsdad - 8/10/09 8:05 PM

I've run across an issue with Windows Live Mail. Many times when I open the program, it begins to download from my many e-mail accounts (13 of them). The default is to go to new e-mail. I cannot choose one of the accounts to open a previous e-mail. I can click on it and it becomes light selected (not dark blue, but light blue). I have to wait sometimes five or more minutes before it will allow me to navigate through the accounts. I thought the downloading of new messages from the different accounts would have a bearing, but if I stop the process entirely, it still remains locked.

Just now, I had to shut down the program and restart it before it would allow me to do anything.

I'm running on XP professional Service Pack 3.
I've got an Intel 2 3.00 GHz processor with 3 GB Memory.

Any help in working through or understanding this issue is greatly appreciated.

HS Dad