Why I'll never buy dell/Alienware again!

by TazX14 - 3/26/13 7:21 PM

... ugh.... I don't even know where to begin....

Yet again I'm on here explaining how broken a system I've got and how I've had nothing but trouble with Dell, Alienware and the MX17. It began here (http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware/709239-why-ill-never-buy-dell-alienware-again.html), which was a post that was previously deleted for "trolling" until I questioned the reasoning behind such and suddenly it got reinstated.

After ALL of those previous issues, I finally got it back after 2 weeks... and guess what... still broken. Ya, can't believe it but my laptop, after all it's been through, and all the band aids they've given it, all the touchups and little fixes they've given it still isn't working.

After finally getting it back with a windows 7 operating disk this time, I dreaded using it again for this exact reason. Since I've got it back, I've had issues with it constantly lagging (even after startup, it often lags opening basic windows explorer or my computer FFS), games are barely playable (from starcraft 2 to civ V. yes I've got the most recent updates for everything, drivers, patches, etc) as most of them run at an average of 10-20 fps.

Then 3d movies... stuttering video, 1080p video, stuttering. I literally bought this laptop so I could throw on a game every now and then, get some work done on it and use it to watch 3d movies, as of now I can't do any of that and in the past year of having it I've barely been able to use it for any of that.

I've requested another replacement system (#5) since they've tried fixing this thing more than 3 times in the past month and a bit. I've spent so much time money and effort into this thing and all I really want is a working computer. I'm glad some of you have had good experiences with Dell, but from what I've seen heard and experienced myself the good ones seem so far and few in between the horror stories.

My review so far...
1 our 10 for these reasons
aesthetically it does look nice, especially as the decorative piece it's been up until now
I did have one repairman who seemed to understand and know what he was doing among the sea of rude and embarrassingly inept individuals. Oddly enough he was from a third party company who was contracted to do home repairs...
As for almost EVERY OTHER thing I can think of has been an utter fail as it doesn't seem to work... I will continue to post updates on this issue in hopes of finally getting this resolved and in an effort to let people make up their own minds about whether to purchase one of these machines or not...