8500 Special Edition...

by Tony Holmes - 11/18/12 8:38 AM

I received mine on 11/5 and have been busy since,learning the system and Win8.Other than a minor system brainf*rt which I'll detail,it's had blazing fast boot and application launch times!

I got mine with a 32GB SSD,SRT,2TB HD and 24GB Ram.It came devoid of crapware and AV which was welcome,I installed my KIS from disc,installed Carbonite for my lady's benefit all within 15 min of unboxing it.

It synched to my wireless network without a problem and even installed my wireless printer without me having to do a thing.

I shut it down and thought I'd time how long it took to boot to desktop and was met by a frozen Dell logo on a black screen.I didn't need to see that on a new pc that was only 20min old!

I was pleasantly surprised to get a Dell tech on the phone only 5min later that knew what he was doing! I detailed what I had done so far.

"Are you experienced or is this your 1st pc"? very experienced.

"Great,this will go fast then.Hard shut down,tap f2 while it boots." The bios? "yes".He had me change a setting in the bios and it's been booting perfectly since.Not sure what the cause was,static or a power fluctuation while it was shutting down but it's fine now.

In case anyone wants to know,the SSD does not hold the OS.The OS resides on the 2TB HD,the SSD serves as a cache for the HD to give it it's speed with SRT.For an explanation of how SRT works,this link will explain.


I suppose the OS could be installed on the SSD but you'd have to change sata mode in the BIOS and you'd loose the image restore option.It's not worth the trouble,just enjoy as is.!!