How to keep backlit Keyboard from turning off

by johnsasia - 4/5/10 6:46 AM

I purchased the Dell Studio 1440 (with lots of expensive extras on my hard earned money) this past year as it was only about one out of three laptops that offered it, as it is critical to do my work in very low light conditions. To my dismay, the keyboard turns off every 60 seconds (which is more frustrating than one might imagine), and power settings do not alter this. Dell Tech could not provide an answer. But wouldn't there be a registry key that could be modified to extend the turn-off time, or even disable it? I use Windows 7/64 bit. Thanks so much if anyone has a solution.

[FYI-- the casing is really inferior, the supposedly bright blue cover as advertised is a dull bluish gray now, the screen cover has marred both the glossy black panel, as well as the silver panel around the touch pad (Chinese quality no doubt). The caps lock feature is a total headache. The touch pad must be disabled to prevent cursor 'jump-around' in word processing or email composition. Only 2 USP ports is totally insane, and no onboard DVD,and I should have known better, so I'm forced to lug around an external drive and USB hub. There are other issues but I think this is my last Dell.]