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Data Migration does not recognize Samsung 840 Evo

by PeterGothe - 12/5/13 10:40 PM


I've connected my Samsung 840 Evo 120GB using an external hard drive cable, and downloaded data migration. It recognized the Evo SSD, and I copied my C:\\ drive to it. I then installed the SSD into my laptop, booted up, everything fine.
Then, while I was running an application, my laptop froze, so I shut off my computer manually (prob shouldn't have). When I tried to reboot, I got error code 0xc000000d, saying that it is missing an .efi file, can't reboot.
When I installed my old HDD again to redo the procedure, the data migration program does not recognize the SSD Evo anymore, so I can't do it.
Do I need to clean it before? If so, how if my laptop doesn't recognize it (when I connect it using the USB cable).
I really appreciate any help!!