Can't stress this enough if using coaxial SD cable

by BCstangdriver - 11/6/13 12:03 AM

Sooo. I bought a 50" 5300 series Samsung TV on Nov 1st, was very impressed by DVD/bluray and xbox360 via the HDMI ports. Got cable installed today, got home at night to watch some hockey and was very unimpressed. During the game I fooled around with the settings to my dismay. I googled the color bleeding issue on people's faces and came across this forum, someone recommending to use AV cables hooked up to your digital cable box instead of using the coaxial. WOW. what a world of difference, switching from coaxials to AV is like going from SD to HD!

So if you're one of us unfortunate ppl stuck with SD only cable, do yourself a favor and get AV, or I read S video works well too.