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Samsung LN52A850S1F video issue

by orionreplay - 10/30/13 2:00 PM

Flawless activity for this television for 4 years. I gave to my parents this week and quite literally in two days of use, the television is no longer displaying video. Sound works. My father claims the "Source" light (lower right on bezel) is blinking. The Stand By light operates normally (left on bezel).

I instructed him to open the back today and he did. He was shocked at the amount of build up. He cleaned out the interior of all dust and suspected one of two fans was not operating at full capacity due to dust build up.

After he cleaned, the television displayed video as normal and blinking Source light went out. Hooray.

When he returned the back onto the television, video once again stopped displaying. He promptly removed the back and video returned. Once again he put the back on the television and video did not display. He removed the back again, but now no video is displayed any longer.

He called 1-800-SAMSUNG and they said the "panel" needed to be replaced and put him in touch with a Samsung rep 3 hours from his house. They quote him nearly $700 in parts and labor for this "panel" removal and reinstall, to also include their trouble for driving 3 hours to his house.

Any ideas? I think the video is working fine. He is ready to junk the television and I'm screaming at him to not to.