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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Glitches

by AMStevens89 - 10/29/13 7:16 AM

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim on the Straighttalk network a month shy of a year ago. It worked great when I first got it. It was fast and it did everything I needed it to. But within a few months, it started having issues.

1.) It freezes on a black screen when apps are used, especially the camera and image gallery (original apps to the phone).
2.) It takes forever to enter and exit an app, whether the app is original to the phone or not.
3.) It takes a long time to "prepare SD card" when you turn the phone on.
4.) Buttons have stopped responding. The volume control buttons do not work when you are in the browser (it beeps like it's turning the volume up or down, but the volume control bar doesn't move). The "End Call"/"Answer Call", "Turn off Alarm"/"Snooze", and the texting keyboard don't respond promptly (the texting keyboard just downright refuses to type letters or numbers even when they light up).
5.) It does this weird zoom-in thing with the wallpaper whenever exiting an app.
6.) It beeps annoyingly whenever it is turned on and it doesn't stop, even after you have powered it down/removed the battery. It will simply resume beeping when you turn it back on again.

Five of my friends also have this same phone. Two of them have not reported many problems, but they have the newer version (not sure what it's called) and they haven't had their phones long. The others have been reporting issues exactly the same as mine, especially with the freezing, incessant beeping, and the fact that the texting buttons don't respond half the time. We are all incredibly frustrated.

We are college students and cannot afford to go out and buy a $600 iPhone just to get something that works decently, nor do we really have the money to go out and buy a new phone altogether.

I read somewhere that these problems are due to the fact that Samsung doesn't update the firmware after you buy it. Is this true? And if so, how do we go about updating it? Or... are there any fixes? Any help would be appreciated!!