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Samsung LED TV restarts itself constantly, any suggestions?

by U2AN - 10/22/13 12:08 AM

I bought my Samsung LED Smart TV - UN55D8000YFXZA in December 2011, it was working fine until couple days back when it started doing weird thing of re-starting itself. It is almost doing every minute now. I tried everything like powering down for few minutes, looking for firmware updates, but nothing worked. Looks like this issue seems to be prominent. I contacted their support and they say you need to pay for the service. It is less than 2yrs old and spent 2k for this piece of crap. I never had issues with any other TVs in my lifetime. All I can say is Samsung is a crappy company selling inferior inferior TVs.

I don't want to spend few hundred dollars ($300 - $500) to fix it, does anybody have any suggestions to address this problem?