Samsung S4 screen cracks for no reason

by satiche - 8/9/13 8:37 AM

My S4 is only three weeks old and I am ever so careful with it since I like this little gem so much. It was a struggle between iPhone 5 and S4 and I fell for the S4. I am however now very disappointed with it, its screen now shows a fine hair line crack in the lower left corner, about 2 inches long, for no reason. The phone was never bumped and has an S4 flip cover on it.

Apparently, from other complaints that I have read about, Samsung will not do anything about this, though it is a defect in the glass. Had I purchased an iPhone 5, Apple would have simply replaced the device if it's less than a year old. The power switch on my son's iPhone 5 became sticky and it started to cause the screen to flicker on and off. We booked a time with the Genius Bar, walked into the store, and without any qualms, my son had a brand new iPhone 5 within 5 minutes. The old one was sent back to Apple for postmortem analysis. RIP Steve Jobs, and thank you thank you ... a million times.

Morale: If you are thinking about an S4, well, think again. Samsung will not have me again. It's not a struggle anymore, I'm going back to Apple and not turning back. Everyone I know now knows about Samsung and in particular the demise of S4s. And .. good luck to all those with S4s or other Samsung devices. I really mean it.