bd-p1600 Blu Ray SCAM (PLEASE READ)

by ermolnar - 7/13/13 5:54 AM

So after having this player for 3 years, and really only using it for Netflix, rarely a DVD player, I knew not to update the firmware. It had asked me to for over a year, begging me upon startup EVERY time to update the "out of date" firmware.

Well, finally, through sheer coincidence, I accidentally selected "yes".

It loaded normally for a while, and then came to that wonderful frozen screen, outlined in this article:

After looking into this problem, it was easy to see that Samsung had not cared about this issue, and hadnt even bothered to fix it in over a year. Some of the problems and threads I had seen were from 2011, 2012. This is July 2013! STILL the same firmware updates crashed the system. I have tried every possible combination of hitting buttons, turning off, hard resets, everything.

I think its necessary that people know that Samsung has not only not given a crap about changing the firmware updates (like maybe not allowing a firmware to STILL BE DOWNLOADED IF IT CAN SCREW UP A SYSTEM), but that I believe they are going with the "planned obsolescence" model of business. They know most people are not in warranty, and know what an inconvenience it is for people to send in a unit for fixing, and WONT do it for over $100.

So Samsung basically just sat on their laurels while still allowing this update to be out there and screwing up systems. And then they laughably ask people to set up "service" appointments". If someone shows they have this machine, then shows the wallpaper of death caused by the firmware, they should be given an AUTOMATIC REFUND or CREDIT FOR A NEW UNIT.

I am a social media hound and am taking this to Reddit, Facebook, and every other outlet I can to get the word out about Samsung. I am also going to make sure to lambast Samsung in front of my tech friends every chance I get. This is beyond a faulty product, they let it stay out there and never changed it.