46" HDTV alot of repairs

by daisybell2 - 4/27/13 2:30 AM

Back in 2008 I purchased the Samsung 46" tv LN46A650 in the first 2 weeks it kept shutting off by itself - they replaced it - then about 6 months it started getting green lines in the screen - they ended up replacing the screen - now here we are 5 years later and the main board goes out in it - we kept getting hundreds of flasing black and white checker boards sometimes colored ones - no one seemed to think it was the TV they thought it was our signal coming into the TV - but it was the TV - when the main board goes out after 5 years you can't even get a new one you have to get a used one or refurbished one - we did get it fixed $320.00 later - what will be next with it. My last TV was a Sony and it lasted over 20 years I thought Samsung made quality products but I really don't think so now. One good thing I can say is that it has a beautiful picture when its not broke.