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Anyone had luck with Samsung Canada warranty service?

by Mumford5 - 4/1/13 2:26 PM

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had any luck getting support from Samsung Canada mobile phone warranty service?

I sent in a Galazy S3 for service (tr# 2117842207) in the beginning of March due to wifi authentication errors I was getting, even when connecting to open wifi networks. The warranty shop in Montreal did a software upgrade and phone reset (could have done this myself!) and sent the phone back to me on Mar 28 and the problem isn't fixed.

I called Customer Support and they said my only option was to send the phone back to the same warranty centre. What for? They had the phone for almost three weeks and didn't fix the issue. I doubt they even tested the wifi, otherwise they would have seen that it cannot connect to any networks.

I can't believe how unhelpful Samsung has been. I had a problem with an out of warranty Sony TV and Sony just mailed me a gift card for $300 bucks towards a new one, sight unseen! I know if this was an iPhone, Apple would have replaced this in a quick 15 min visit to the Apple Store.

Any advice would be appreciated! I am so frustrated with Samsung right now and would never buy another product after this experience.