My new samsung TV has cracked for no reason atall

by Kieranbolton - 3/29/13 7:45 AM

Samsung 51 inch 3d smart screen crack for no reason - New!
by Kieranbolton - 3/29/13 7:30 AM

My mother in law bought a new tv for us for a wedding present. I have had it 5 months and its cracked already. We watched TV on Tuesday night it was fine. We both was at work on wed then my wife told me when I was on my way home that the tv won't work it's buzzing and no picture. Now I got home and seen the same problem but couldn't see any cracks. I then told my insurers they came round and went straight up to it and seen a tiny crack internal I said I didn't even know that was there. It just seemed funny that he new where too look. And where the little crack is its impossible for someone to even hit it in that spot for it to be like that. But for a couple of weeks I kept saying to my wife something's not right with this tv it keeps flickering and won't play anything only sound. Then this happens. Now samsung have said we have to pay for it to be fixed. I'm absolutely disgusted with samsung I had an lg for 6yrs and its still going. Had samsung 5 month and it goes and we get fobbed off. All my friends know and my friend has been put off by samsung and I will not be buying samsung again for such a profit making company they won't do anything to help really does aggravate me. So to anyone who wants buy a new tv go elsewhere. Samsung a look good but they don't tell you their faulty but blame you when they go. Stay away from samsung. Get lg they doing better Tvs and look nicer. I'm going to get one and maybe burn my samsung cause theirs no use for it now. But honest we did NOT harm the tv in any way. It has to be a internal problem with this make. Samsung sort it out