Faulty handset and worst customer care

by Eshakr - 3/28/13 11:57 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought a smart phone - Samsung Galaxy S2 on 17-Sep-2012 from Amazon.

The phone worked fine for the first few months and then I started experiencing the following problem with the phone.

- "Phone turns off automatically. This problem is very intermittent."

I have to manually restart the phone to use when this problem occurs. I have missed several important calls because of this issue.This has been a great worry for me as I would not know when the phone will get turned off by itself.

I contacted Samsung customer care multiple times on this regard and sent my phone for repair service 3 times. Still the same issue. Below is more information on this.

a.I sent the phone for the first time to Samsung repair center in November. They were not able to replicate the problem and sent the handset back to me saying 'NO fault found'. (Samsung service order no.4126845503)

b.Again I faced same problem multiple times and sent my handset in the month of January.This time they were able to replicate the fault and replaced a part in the handset and sent back me the handset. (Samsung service order no.4129923750 Dated 04-Jan-2013)

c.Again I had sent the handset for the same issue in the begining of the month of February once again they were not able to replicate the problem and sent the handset back to me saying 'NO fault found'. (Samsung service order no.4128833421)

Once again I started getting the same problem again and again for which I have contacted/mailed customer care several times(as and when my phone turns off by itself) from 26th Feb 2013 to provide refund or replacement which they have denied.They are offering me only repair service which I cannot accept as I have already sent my handset 3 times for repair which has made no difference.They explain me that I have to keep sending my handset until they replicate the problem and diagnose it. They are NOT understanding the hassle or pain involved in sending my handset again and again for repair for the same problem.I have literally fed up with the same response which I have got from Samsung customer care whenever I have contacted them with this problem.

Im asking for a device which should be fit for use.Im looking for value for my money.

Please advice and help me on this regard.