Screen Wake up lag on Samsung galaxy note 2

by dorzavi - 2/16/13 4:40 AM

<div> Actually I am Samsung mobile user, before I used Samsung
galaxy s2 and now I am using galaxy note 2

Actually there is one issue it is bother me too much which
when I call my galaxy note 2 for duty the screen takes time to wake up

I checked with other manufacture such as apple ,
HTC,LG,Sony, they don't have such problem just touch the home button and screen
wake like lighting

And this is true ,meanwhile please check the youtube to see
how many people bothered from this problem

I believe in Samsung mobiles and I believe that I can find
answer with and solve the problem

I don't want to move to other brand because of software
Note: i advice people in case if samsung doesn't solve the problem to dont buy galaxy note 2 because really this problem let you feel you spend money on nothing