Moving to Samsung, worst decision ever!!!!

by CheemaNZ - 2/14/13 12:33 PM

Hi all,
I have always owned an applie iphone until last year when Samsung came out with S3. I was on business visit to New Zealand and since there was a delay in release of S3 in Canada, I decided to buy S3 there. I bought 3 Samsung Galaxy S3 for 2 other friends here in Canada. It was all good until Samsung pushed out an update which bricked my phone in December. Apparently it is called Sudden Death Syndrome and is affecting 1000s of Galaxy S3 all over the world and I was one of the unlucky ones. Anyways I contacted Samsung Canada and they plainly advised to help me as they said I need to send the cell phone to New Zealand for repair. Now earlier when I owned apple iphone, it had a minor problem and I walked into an Apple store in UK and they gave me a new set right away even though I had bought it from Canada. Now that is what i call Customer Service with A+.
Now even though my phone is still under warranty, I have only one option to either spend $1500 on a ticket to NZ, get it repaired and fly back or just throw it away. The reason to fly there is because none of the courier companies willing to courier a cell phone.
So people before you buy Samsung think atleast 10 times and then too don't go for it.

Samsung Sucks