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Samsung Ultra 14 U4C running hot.

by Dangerous-Dave - 2/9/13 5:17 PM

Hi all,

I've had my Samsung Series 5 Ultra 14 "fixed" twice now. I say "fixed" because what they've actually done is make it worse. The first time it went in with an internal mic that had so much noise on it that it was unusable. It came back with the internal mic still unusable but now with the WIFI crashing issue that many have reported on this model. So I sent it back again. The WIFI crashing issue is now gone but the laptop is overheating badly. Right now, just from viewing this web page, the CPU is running in the high 70s celcius, and if I switch on a video it quickly hits the realms of temperature where it starts having to ramp down the CPU speed. The fan is going crazy but it doesn't seem to be helping it. I do not recall ever having any particular fan noise before it went in for service. Also the air coming from the fan exhaust is coming out cold.

So basically on the second issue, which they replaced the motherboard again, it seems like they haven't bothered to connect the CPU to the cooling system in the laptop. Oh and the microphone is still unusable.

I'm starting to get pretty sick of sending this machine back to Samsung's UK cowboys only to have it come back worse. I'm worried that the machine, which is now in mint cosmetic condition, is going to come back scratched up next so I can't even get value selling it.

Does anybody have any advice? Do you agree with my diagnosis on the CPU?