Firmaware & Skype CAM ProblemTV samsung UN46C7000

by billy19762012 - 2/5/13 12:17 PM

I have a TV UN46C7000WMXZB (Argentina) made in brazil and buy a Samsung camera CY-STC1100/za.

In the camera box says compatible with LED TVs 2010 line C7000.

By connecting the camera does not turn on its blue LED and skype does not detect it.

Try updating the firmware because Samsung USA says in his web that requires the firmware 1035 (in Samsungs figure as last version 1011.0), but my TV shows from the Support menu that has the firmware T-Valibrc-7801.0 and does not correspond to the numbers 1011.0 or 1012 Samsung has on his website. I need help. I try to download online and via USB the version 1011 and my tv does not recognize it, I tried three diferents Pendrives memorys and none took the new firmware. I think the problem is the firmware on my TV that is currently 7801 which has already come so when I buy it.

Please help.