Samsung 51'' Screen Cracks While Screwing in Stand

by shanykev - 2/5/13 11:57 AM

Yesterday, I bought a 51" Samsung 1080p, 600hrz television, and as I was screwing in the stand to the back of the televsions (following the instructions i.e. televison screen down on a blanket on the bed) using the 4 screws provided, the screen cracked assumingly due to pressure from the top left screw behind the television. The television is complete finished. Samsung is unwilling to do anything claiming the damage is "physical" and Best Buy (the reseller) wants nothing to do with it claiming it is Samsungs problem now. I owned the televison for 45 minutes, it cost me $700 and I didn't even get to turn it on.

Has this happened to anyone before? Is there something I can do about this?