Resolved question

Samsung NX1000 zooming (manual focus)

by danny198912345 - 1/29/13 7:09 AM

Hello, i bought a Samsung NX1000 this week, i have the 20-50mm lens and also the 50-200mm lens, now on auto focus i can rotate the zoom out to max which i thought the zoom would go alot further to be honest, well atleast on the 50-200mm lens.

However when i put it on manual focus the picture keeps jumping from standard zoom to mega zoom? zooms alot further in then it would fully extended on the auto focus.

First question is, It keeps jumping in and out of this mega zoom, how do i control it so it stays zoomed in that far?

Final question, Also when i try to take a picture when it is zoomed in at this mega zoom the picture keeps jumping back to normal zoom and takes that picture, how do i take a picture zoomed in to the max?

Would appriciate any help. Thanks Daniel.