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Help! Samsung DLP TV Screen flickers when first turned on

by delboydelboydelboy - 1/21/13 12:32 PM

Hi there,
Can Samsung or anyone out there point me to a resolve.
I have a Samsung DLP TV/DNie SRS--model number is
SP46L6HV/R/X/XEU--thats written on the back.
The problem is that it has been a great TV but recently when I first turn it on I get a picture and there is interference/flickering/with the picture in the background.
This corrects itself after about 2-3mins and all is fine with this TV. It is approx 6 years old with very little use for the
first 5 years if any due to this being a second TV as I mainly used another samsung LED instead but now I have that in the bedroom.
There is no warning lights on or any other issues and the sound is great through even with this issue.
Please help if you can as I would greatly appreicated it.