50" Samsung Plasma 550 series Blackline issue

by samsunghater54 - 1/17/13 11:10 AM

After my 25 month old 50'' Samsung Plasma all of a sudden had a horizontal blackline appear 4'' off the bottom of the screen all the way across . I looked it up online and this Cnet sight came up . I see the complaints from many other consumers about this same product/problem. Knowing it was out of warranty, i called samsung at least 10 times going through the same info each time which they already have. Talking to ECR many times . At one point they said they would pay for the repairs only to be called by Williston repair saying it was denyed. The service call would cost 110$, not to mention cost of repair which they wouldnt tell me unless they came out. I read another review which said it could cost 600 to 800. I mention Cnet to samsung ECR and they said we do care about consmer reviews. So therefor after 2 days dealing with them i got the txt book response about this blackline issue, basically SAMSUNG chooses to IGNORE and not back thier product . AS OF THIS DATE I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS AGAIN. Good luck to thoughs who have the blackline issues.
Im just waiting for the next line to appear. WOOPEE !
Remember the days when tv's lasted 15/20 yrs. Shame on SAMSUNG !