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Setup Questions - 46ES8000 TV and Samsung HW-E551 Sound Bar

by Cpthompson82 - 1/2/13 1:18 PM

Firstly I think the TV is fantastic with fantastic picture and wife factor. As is the sound bar.

I am having several issues:

1) The sound bar is described as having a wireless sub woofer which is misleading when the other sound bars are described as having a wireless sub. From what I can see all the lower end sound bars from samsung have the TV wired to the sound bar and the sub is totally wireless and can sit anywhere. I don't know why they have decided to do I the other way round with the 551. It doesn't make any sense. For a wall mount installation you have to bury hdmi and optical in the wall as well which is crazy. I think Samsung need to e clearer with their marketing.

2) I bought both items in the hope that I could get Anynet working so the sound bar could act as the Tvs speaker and I could control it from the TV main remote. I have HDMI passing through the sound bar from my Sky box to HDMI2 (Arc) in on my TV. Any net is enabled on both devices. When I turn the volume up or down on the TV it goes up/down on the sound bar. When the TV is switched off, the sound bar switches off. HOWEVER, when I turn the TV on, the sound bar doesn't switch on. What is the point of anynet if it doesn't do this basic function? I still need my sound bar remote to turn on the sound bar. Surely this can't be right??????? I've read that you can turn sound bar on and off when TV is turned on or off by connecting only optical but you can't control the volume from the TV remote. What is the point?

3) when HDMI is passing through the sound bar sub I need it on HDMI 1 sat source. However when I switch to freeview it switches to TV ARC or D-IN which is correct. The really annoying and not thought out issue I have is when I put the TV back on to HDMI 2 source, the sound bar stays on TV Arc and I don't get any picture because the sound bar source needs to be on HDMI 1. Either I am doing something wrong or Samsung need to take a long hard look at this. It looks like somebody has come up with a great idea, then gone home that night and forgot to finish it the next morning!! When are Samsung going to sort this!?

4) When I have HDMI going thought the sound bar sub, it can show the picture all day long with no problem. If I switch the TV off and back on again, sometimes the screen comes on flashing green on and off and the proper picture doesn't come on. If I plug the hdmi straight in the TV this never happens. I have tried different cables to rule out cable issues. Any suggestions??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a semi happy samsung customer but these issues have put a big damper on what should be a fantastic set up.

Anyone with any info please post solutions.