Samsung Smart TV.

by efib - 12/3/12 12:12 AM

I purchased during 2011 55" Samsung Smart TV. and I wanted to enjoy its net capabilities. so I ordered a Samsung WIS12ABGNX WIS12ABGNX/AA LinkStick Wireless USB LAN Adapter and connected it to the TV. I must say that I am very Disappointed !! I have 12M rate internet and the operation to move between icons is very slow. another huge problem is that when you have to type some letters for search, you have to type one letter each time by clicking with the remote control. Some links do not shown with no any reason. The bottom line is that I paid $3,000 for just a gimmick. that's it. ! I have to say also that the picture is great, but I would not pay such price if I knew that the "SMART TV" is just a word.
Efi from Israel.