Samsung GT-S5610 won't start

by Mati1991 - 11/25/12 9:31 PM

I've recently purchased a Samsung GT-S5610 and it worked great until I updated it using Kies.

The update went through without any problems but when I started the phone it showed me a line of code and then rebooted again.

The startup look like this:
1. Intro Screen
2. "Samsung"
3. "Carrier name"
4. "/a/customer/images/hstoolbar/hstoolbar_mediencenter.ifg"
5. Reboots again

It does this over and over again. When in this state, Kies can't connect to the device. However when I pull out the battery for a while and put it back in, the device will prompt me for the date and time. Only then can I connect the device to Kies.

When connected I can sync the device but not reset it. And as soon as I unplug the device it starts rebooting again.

If anyone experienced the same problem and found a solution or have any tips it will be much appreciated.