Samsung HL56A650 DLP 2009

by bballrz1 - 6/6/12 1:19 AM

I Purchased a Samsung DLP in 2009. just a few days ago i noticed white spots, after reading forums and problems with this defect and how Samsung would not HONOR there product defection with misdirection and i don't knows? leaves me to believe this company will not last much longer in a society that can be very fast at the internet.

When i bought this TV from ShopNBC the two representative's said this TV will last problem free for twenty to twenty five years, by stated that i thought, wow i want this only three years i am aware that my TV will get worse and i have to pay $500.00 plus to fix it???..and then i may happen again after in three years.

A recall should be made at the upper levels because the company will not do anything till they are forced to. just like any recall from a product that fails and said to the public that it would not defect this is and issue that affects thousands of consumers and are told sorry we cannot help you from Samsung???.


An owner of a DLP Samsung defective product

Please help us the consumer, because if the consumer is not taken care of they go somewhere else, and that would be with anything Samsung makes or try to sell..