I'm returning my brand new Samsung home theatre system

by hi-voltage - 5/12/12 10:26 AM

I am returning the brand new samsung home theatre system I just bought because of a stupid oversight / design flaw from Samsung ... which they refuse to correct at the request of their customers.

Why oh why in this day and age would I need to turn on my new samsung tv and new samsung home theatre system seperatley using two seperate remotes? Yet I can shut both down with the tv remote?

I've read many complaints about this simple request dating back to 2009, yet Samsung refuse to correct this annoying design flaw.

I bought a home theatre system because the tv speakers suck - why shouldn't I be able to turn on the home theatre system when I turn on the tv? I don't want to listen to the tv speakers, I bought a home theatre system so I can watch tv with it on. I didn't buy it to sit there collecting dust.

Samsungs lame excuse is because a minority of people don't want to power up their home theatre system each time they turn on their TV ... so let's inconvenience everybody else?

Ok let's just assume this lame excuse to be valid for a second ... Ok, if I'm one of these people who'd rather watch tv with the inbuilt tv speakers instead of the home theatre system, then I would expect sound to come out of the bloody tv speakers when I turn it on since the home theatre system doesn't power up automatically.

Instead, I have a tv with picture and no sound because the so called smart tv is really a dumb tv that doesn't power up the home theatre system and doesn't enable the tv's internal speakers either.

So samsungs poor excuse that the tv shouldn't power up the home theatre system because a few minority dont want it to power up is a load of BS (cow manure). If this were true, then the tv's internal speakers would kick in automatically.

No, Samsung have it all worng and refuse to listen to the countless complaints from pissed off consumers.

I bought the Samsung home theatre system because I was deceived that I only need one remote because of samsungs anynet feature. Well this is a blatant lie - you need two remotes at all times.

I would have chosen another brand for my home theatre system, but chose Samsung based on a lie. If Im going to need two remotes then I may as well choose a better brand for a home theatre system than Samsung.

You'd think buying a Samsung tv and a Samsung home theatre system the two would be compatible with each other, well like me, you'd be wrong too.

What about the other silly design flaws such as you can't adjust the sounds settings, EQ settings, individual speaker levels while actually watching Tv or a blu ray? The only way to adjust the sounds settings is when there's no sound? What the!! Really? Who's brilliant idea was that? What's next, adjust the picture settings when there's a black screen?

So, tomorrow, I'm returning the home theatre system because Samsung refuse to listen to their customers and fix a massive oversight that has annoyed too many of its customers - and a simple fix at that.

Samsung, listen to your customers!