Resolved question

How do I turn my Samsung SyncMaster SA350 on?

by Sir_Trancelot - 12/3/11 11:39 PM

I just bought this monitor, have all cables connected, and I cannot get a picture or any indication that the display is on. The power adapter "brick" shows a green light indicating power is supplied.

Also, my MacBook is detecting the monitor via Display Preferences, and I am able to use the Arrange tab to transfer the menu bar from each monitor, as an example.

The manual describes the toggles on the display's frame as "buttons", however the toggles are instead more described as labels listed on the frame itself. There are no actual buttons to depress. It seems as if the toggles are touch-sensitive, however putting my thumb over them does nothing.

I have a MacBook 13-inch (early 2008).

The only possible problem I can think of, is that the power cable is not the original. However, it is a compatible 12-volt adapter that I purchased from a 3rd party. I don't believe that is the issue though, since the MacBook is detecting the monitor okay. I just can't get a picture....please help!