SERVICE ISSUES? Click HERE for help!

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 9/23/11 2:28 PM

Hi everyone.

In the past, I've reached out to assist people with service or repair issues.

I'm pleased to announce some new options for customers seeking service related support. If you have a service-related concern, here's what I recommend:

If you have a Twitter account, go here or to this URL:!/samsungsupport
Having a transaction number, model number and serial number handy ahead of time will be helpful.

If you have Facebook, go here to this URL:
Click on the "Support Form" button on the left hand side, and here's where the SUPPORT FORM button is located.

Either of these sites have an escalation team who will be able to assist you with your service concerns, and are aware that you may be coming from C|Net.

You might rather search for content in order to assist with troubleshooting and find more information about your products. It's a great resource that is available for many products, not just the electronics category.

And of course, I can help with lots of questions concerning connections, specifications, tips and tricks, advice and other things on the forums but service issues need to be handled by the Samsung customer service center.

These new online avenues provide a quicker and more organized approach to customer service than ever before. The turnaround time there is significantly faster than what I can accomplish here.

I'm proud of this program, since this is just one more way that we are able to show that we're listening, that we care and that were adapting as the need arises with the latest technologies.

For everything NON-SERVICE related, I hope to see you posting in the forums!

I very much appreciate your support of Samsung products! happy