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Samsung LCD 42 inch screen distorted picture/horizontal line

by cvsisi - 9/23/11 6:39 AM

Samsung LCD 42 inch (LE40c650l1K)

<div>I came home from work the other night & switched it on & the screen was distorted & split into horizontal lines & squares & there was a pixelated trail behind moving images (see images)

I've had a very similar experience when the graphics card went on an Apple Mac (new logic board = emotional) </div>

<div>After a couple of minutes the picture returned to normal. The next time it happened I gave the screen a squeeze around the sides & the issue didnt return for a few days.

Now squeezing the screen no longer cures the problem but the picture returns to normal after approx 5 mins.</div>
<div>It sounds like a bad contact around the screen which goes once the screen is warm?

The TV is about 1 year old, purchased in the UK but I'm abroad with it, in a place where there are no Samsung retailers, so I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has had this problem.</div>
Thanks in advance.