by Tech_Rider - 7/12/11 9:52 AM

HI to All,
I recently bought a Samsung Champ Duos GT-E2652. I find the following problems/shortcoming in the phone.
a) While talking I cannot access the number of any other contact to tell the person with whom i am talking if he requests to tell him the number from my contacts.
b) While talking there is no method to record the conversation
c) The screen key guard locks automatically and there is no option to set the time delay. Usually when browsing with Opera Mini , the screen locks up and again I have to manually unlock it every 10 seconds or so.
e) After charging is complete there is no notification of battery full charge.
f) There is no menu option to change the SMS received tone or silence it.
g) Opera Mini 6.1 cannot be loaded. But Opera Mini 4.3 works but it has no on screen keyboard to enter the URL.
h) Samsung kies PC sync software does not support bluetooth connection, it insists for WiFi or Cable. The new PC studio available in Smasung's site does not support this phone and the PC Studio 3.1 (similar to Nokia PC Suite) there is no download link.
Friends, if u also have come across these problems and managed to search for working solution please share and send me a mail too ""