Samsung TV turn off and on sound, how do I turn it off?!

by jayfire2620 - 1/9/11 6:57 PM

I have a Samsung UN46B6000 TV. When I turn the TV off and on there is a sound that no matter the TV's current volume it's to loud and at night usually wakes a few, if not everyone up in the house. HOW DO I TURN IT OFF?!?!?

I saw on the forum a couple other people asking about it for different models but it talks about settings and Melody on and off but I either don't have that or in a year of owning the TV have never found it. Please, someone help, I work nights and when I get home at 11pm I would like to relax and catch up on shows but I can't wake everyone up at 11pm then again a couple hours later.

Also any ideas about the light under the TV that is on while the TV is? Nothing like a nightlight on while watching a good movie in the dark. Can't seem to find a way to turn that off either and I'm about to tear the d*mn thing apart to get to it and shut it off, and while I'm at it taking out the damn speakers to stop the sound too. Hoping it doesn't come to that.