File sharing/streaming on Samsung Blu Ray Player

by glandsberginc - 1/3/11 6:08 AM

Actually I've just got it working. For anyone who might want to know, here's how:

1. Make sure your shared folder is named using only one word, no more than 12 characters. (Like "Movies".)

2. Right click the folder and hit "Properties".
- Go to the "Sharing" tab and hit the "Share..." button. Add "Everyone" to the list, and set the Permission Level to "Read/Write". Hit the "Share" button.
- Back in the "Sharing" tab, click the "Advanced Sharing" button. Make sure the "Share this folder" box is checked, and make sure the "Share name" is a one-word <12-char name (like "Movies").
- Hit "OK" to exit the Advanced Sharing, and "OK" again to exit the folder properties.

3. Figure out computer's local IP address (might look something like ''). You can do this by going to the start menu and typing "cmd" to start the command prompt, and then type "ipconfig". Look for the string of numbers to the right of where it says "IPv4 Address". Alternatively, you can look in the configuration pages of your router to see the IP addresses of the networked devices.
- Also make sure you know the username and password (if you have one) of your computer. The username is found in the start menu; it should be the top-right-most word, underneath the user icon.

4. On the main screen of the Blu-Ray player, press the MENU button, and hit the red (A) button to do a "Network Search".
- Select a "Manual" search.
- Type the four parts of your computer's IP address (looks like in each of the four boxes. Hit ENTER.
- Enter the name of the shared folder (mine was "Movies"). Hit the blue (D) button to save.
- Enter the username of the computer. Hit blue (D) to save.
- Enter the password of the computer. Hit blue (D) to save.

After a few moments the player should list all the movies (or whatever) found in the shared folder.